I make music.

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vanian Baby«
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About the artist

Reimar fell in love with an actress from New York. His nemesis is Ryan Reynolds Sean Penn maybe Justin Timberlake. He attracts vampires. And alien observers. This is why Reimar writes songs. Catchy, weird, folky, dreamy, ugly … but never funny. He seriously thinks it’s some sort of Dark Wave or Goth Punk. But that’s not true.

If you would like Reimar to play in your bedroom or at your funeral, just drop him a line.

Maybe you also like Reimar’s old band Röntgenschall, too.

His e-mail address is reimar (at) reimarseite (dot) de.

Copyright and Stuff

I am happy if you like my scary music. Feel free to learn and play it yourself. Or to download and copy it and give it away to your friends. Or remix. Whatever. Just don’t make money with it. Because then I will become very angry. And hurt you with a spoon. And come back. And hurt you again. And again. And again. And … again.

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